The world is experiencing an unpublished episode since the outbreak of the VID-19 pandemic. This episode has notably upset the world of work and several sectors of activity including that of hospitality.
The health crisis has had a strong and very sudden impact on the hospitality and luxury market in the broad sense. As a result, the adaptive force and the resilience of professionals allowed, after the shock wave, a phase of renewal.

The setting up of various strategies necessary for the resumption and maintenance of these activities: the hotel’s post-Covid-19 layout, adapt your hotel to trends and innovation or wait and wait until the storm passes.

The hotel’s location after the Covid-19

At the time of customer return and increased attention to customer protection against the Covid-19, tomorrow’s hotel layout must be a priority.

Indeed, it is very likely that this will happen again in the future. In this context, carrying out the development project of your hotel, such as a renovation to make it a unique place, allows you to comply with the sanitary rules and meet the expectations of future post-Covid-19 travellers.

However, it will be necessary to implement its strategy with support from specialists, construction and renovation experts, and architects who are involved in reinventing the interior design of the facility to ensure the well-being of travellers.
Adapt your hotel to trends and innovation
The digital transition takes place in various sectors including the hosting industry.
Integrating new technologies through products becomes an important issue of tomorrow’s hotel industry.

As a result, it will be necessary to innovate and integrate live-related equipment with hotel rooms that will be themselves connected. We will find elements such as mirror, table or connected light.

Tomorrow’s hotel business must be marked by the setting up of the smart room. It is necessary to move towards the creation of connected hotels thanks to new technologies.

Consumers have taken the habit of looking, comparing and booking their hotel room online. For the recovery, the hotel sector must adapt and highlight the digital used in the hotel.
Wait and wait until the storm passes
The strategy waits and waits for the storm to pass is the least profitable.

It consists of minimizing its expenses, retaining its financial reserve if it exists and using in the meantime all assistance made by the State. All this, hoping that the restarting will be quick and straightforward in the face of competition sometimes reinforced by the first two strategies.

Finally, the Covid-19 paved the way for digital transformation as companies redirected their operations to face closures. For the hotel industry, this crisis must be a key to equipping its hotel, adapting it to trends and innovation, or waiting for the storm to pass.

No matter what strategy you will use, a change is expected at all levels of the economy.